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Growing Sweet Peas for the joy of it

My first serious attempt at growing a ‘proper crop’ was Sweet Peas. I must have been about nine years old at the time, I had heard my Aunt Doris, who was a really good Gardener and Allotment Holder, say that the thing she loved to grow the most was Sweet Peas. That did it. I researched the subject, using what …

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How to encourage wild birds into your garden

birds in the garden

Your Garden is a ‘Living Thing’ that changes daily. Part of this never ending transformation is to do with supporting a vast array of wild life. Insects , worms, snails, caterpillars , plants , lawns and Birds. Birds come to your Garden because they are part of the endless cycle of Nature. Birds give your Garden a moving dimension and …

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How to Control Moles

How to Control moles

It is always with a gasp and a grumbling mutter that we greet the first sight of a new mole hill on the erstwhile pristine lawn – your pride and joy !  You know that that first little hill of finely tilled soil is only the start of a destructive rampage that will drive you to distraction ! What can …

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How to Plant Trees

The question I am nearly always  asked when some one buys a tree from me is ‘ Can you tell me how to plant it correctly so that it does well ?’ ; and of course I do ; but there are various forms of tree and they all need a slightly different method of planting. We will start with  …

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Make Winter Hanging Baskets

Winter Colour

As we approach late September and Early October the summer bedding that we used to make up our Hanging Baskets and Patio Planters begins to look very sad. It is time to put on there Winter finery with winter hanging baskets. There is a wide selection of Winter Hardy flowering plants that can be used in Baskets and Tubs. Over the last …

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