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Grow Your Own

Grow Your own!

Growing Herbs

Growing all those fabulous Vegetables is only half the story; the next bit is cooking them into a delicious meal. Recipes for main meals abound by the thousand in most of our homes, and nearly all of them include Herbs as an important – nay vital – ingredient! Look at any Country Hotel with a Michelin Star in their C.V …

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Growing Tomatoes

growing tomatoes

The Tomato is the one of the most popular edible crops grown by the British Gardener. The reason is probably because, even if you don’t have a Garden, you can still produce a reasonable tasting of this delicious fruit with just a window box or even a hanging basket when growing tomatoes. For the amateur Gardener there are several different …

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Growing Potatoes

growing potatoes

The ‘Grow Your Own’ phenomenon that has sprung up among amateur Gardeners during the last few years has been a great encouragement to both the retail Vegetable Seed industry and to Professional Horticulturist like myself. We find it fascinating and invigorating to see people, who erstwhile had no interest what-so-ever in Gardening, suddenly queuing-up to learn about the latest varieties …

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Grow Your Own Olive Tree

Single Olive

Growing Olive Trees in Britain. Olea Europaea The well known European Olive tree . Over the last thirty years or so more and more of these exotic trees have been introduces into British gardens. At first only the more southerly counties of England were willing to give them a try, but as time has gone by their presence has gradually …

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Grow Your Own Bush Soft Fruit

Picking your own ‘Home grown’ fruit from the Garden is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling tasks a gardener ever undertakes. I remember as a small boy, I used to pest my mother whenever the blackcurrants in the garden started to turn shiny black’ can we start picking Mum ? There was an ulterior motive, of course ; my …

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Grow Your Own Raspberries


There is probably nothing quite as delicious as a bowl of freshly picked Raspberries and Double Cream ! (Maybe add a sprinkle of caster sugar just to make it really naughty!) Raspberries are not the cheapest of fruit ,so why not grow your own ? I have been growing Raspberries ever since I can remember and have enjoyed every moment. …

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Grow your Own Rhubarb

Rhubarb always reminds me of my childhood and our rambling great Garden at the very end of which was the Rhubarb Patch. This was an out of the way area that my Father had once stored a heap of horse manure in, The manure had mostly been used over the rest of the garden, and to fill the vacant space …

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Grow your own Strawberries


Strawberries and Cream. Wimbledon: The Chelsea Flower Show: Summer Teas when we were Children: That iconic fruit of lazy summer days. The colour, the smell, the taste. There is nothing so tantalizing as that shop display of fresh English or Scottish Strawberries . What would Summer be without them ? I know you can buy them all the year round …

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How to grow your own Mistletoe


To most of us Mistletoe is the stuff you hang up at Christmas to be kissed under – or, on the other hand, very definitely not to be kissed under.! The origins of this strange custom are mostly lost in the mists of time, but it is generally agreed that Mistletoe has always been associated with good fortune and prosperity. …

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Grow your Own Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

There are many reasons people want to grow there own Christmas Tree. The one I come across most often is the idea of having a permanent tree at the front of the house on which to hang Christmas Lights during the Festive season, and this trend is becoming more and more common. In the United States of America there are …

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